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What to Expect?


Your current best cycle time can be improved to run faster by 15% or more. 

It seems unbelievable but by adding just 1% to 2% of MATRIX “FASTER” series of Polymer Additives you can achieve a reduction in total cycle time of 15% or moreOur customers prefer to call the MATRIX Compound as a Productivity Enhancement Tool.

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Suitable For:

PA, Glass Filled PA Compounds, PP Homopolymer, PP Impact Copolymer, PP Random Copolymers (can use without impacting the transparency), Talc filled PP Compounds, Calcium filled PP Compounds, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Calcium Filled PE Compounds, PBT, Glass Filled PBT, ABS

Applications where the Matrix Faster Series been successfully used: (Injection Moulding)

Automotive [2 Wheeler, 4 Wheeler in Exterior, Interior or Under the hood],

Lighting Solutions, Electrical Fittings, Electrical Appliances, White Goods,

Household, Food Containers, Furniture, Stationary, Writing Instruments, Caps and Closures, Pails [Oil, Lubricants, Paints]

MATRIX F1 - G, is one of our proprietary Universal Performance Processing Concentrate which is successfully used for Cycle Time Reduction ( CTR ) providing increase in production output from 10 to 30 % (or more) on the same machine , with the same mould while using the same plastics resin.

MATRIX F1 - G is used at a very small dosage of 1 to 2 %.  Primarily in injection moulding, Blow Moulding or Injection Stretch Blow Moulding process. 

The MATRIX “FASTER” series now has a successful track record of several different mould trials.

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Resources :
Mould Trial Reports
Product & Technical Data Sheet
Approvals & Certification :


Suitable For:

PET (Opaque Applications), PBT, Glass Filled PBT, Glass Filled PC



Suitable For:

PET (Transparent Applications)

Applications where the Matrix Faster Series been successfully used:

Blow Moulding & Injection Stretch Blow Moulding:

Bottles (Single Stage or Two Stage), Jerry Cans, Drums

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